Mental Health Systems/TURN Expanding its Storage Connect Program

Imagine what it’s like to be living on the streets, carrying all that belongs to you, and not being able to move forward if it means leaving behind the little that you own.

Mental Health Systems/TURN has worked diligently to address this road block to recovery by teaming up with the City of San Diego to offer a novel storage program. The City now offers three Storage Connect Centers, two of which are operating by MHS/TURN – in the neighborhoods of El Cerrito and Logan Heights.

The idea is for homeless individuals to safely store their belongings while they access supportive services to improve their health, job and housing situations. Since opening in June 2018, the Storage Connect Center in Logan Heights has served over 1,000 homeless individuals. The Center has helped hundreds of those clients get into shelter and connected nearly 100 individuals to their own stable housing units.

“The Storage Connect Centers offer an innovative solution to bring some safety and security to the lives of members of our community who are currently homeless,” said Sarah Nudel, Clinical Vice President for Mental Health Systems/TURN. “Mental Health Systems/TURN is excited to now have the opportunity to expand our services to a second community and provide help to even more individuals and families so they can start rebuilding their lives.”