How COVID-19 Is Prompting More People to Talk Openly About Mental Health

The widespread impact of COVID-19 isolation measures and economic impacts is taking its toll on our nation’s collective mental health: About a third of the American have reported feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness and loneliness, according to a recent Census Bureau survey.

Dr. Laura V Otis-Miles, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Mental Health Systems/TURN, recently penned an opinion piece on how our nation can’t fully recover from the pandemic without rethinking its supports for mental health. The piece was run in the Capitol Weekly website, which is widely read by California policy makers, advocacy groups and state elected officials.

She outlines areas for increased support, including strengthening partnerships with community agencies, expanding housing treatment supports, and offering expanded community- based treatment services. Areas of focus include creating targeted services for the homeless and identifying and treating children with complex medical conditions, as well as for the state’s growing aging populations.

MHS/TURN is proud to be part of the solution. The step-by-step progress and ability of our clients to turn their lives in positive new directions is what we aspire to support each and every day.

You can read the full OpEd here: