Board Member Dr. Rita Monteiro Retires After 30 Dedicated Years!

From the C-Suite:

We thank Dr. Rita Monteiro for her service to our Board of Directors. She has played an instrumental role in guiding our mission with her insights and unique expertise. Dr. Monteiro is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has worked with the following populations over her career – child and family, adolescent services, substance abuse, chronic mental illness, and post traumatic stress disorder. She has worked in treatment, administration, teaching, research, and supervision. Dr. Monteiro retired in 2019 after 29 years at the VA San Diego Healthcare System. She received a national award for excellence in administration and participated in the National Leadership VA program in 1995. Dr. Monteiro has been on the Board for TURN since 1994 and has held several offices on the Board. Please join us in wishing Rita well in her retirement from our Board and on behalf of all of us thank you Rita!!!

From Board Chair Jeanette Sanchez:

I am not sure there are enough words and time to express my respect, admiration and appreciation of Rita and your years of service and support of the TURN agency. Rita, you chose a life and career of service to the community, to the underserved behavioral health population, to our veterans, to your church and other organizations that benefit from your expertise and heartfelt passion for others. You have paved the way for other women by breaking through barriers of gender, race, and workplace glass ceilings. For me personally, I am forever grateful for your support and friendship. You have educated me, you are an example of motherhood, family, and an outstanding professional. You have managed to combine these roles with grace and success. Although it is time for you to focus on the next chapter of your life journey, TURN and I will miss you tremendously. I wish you nothing but happiness and adventure as you leave us. Your memory and contributions will forever be a part of our agency’s legacy. Thank you, Rita, for your service and contribution to TURN and to our Board of Directors.