MHS Needles Center for Change offers an array of programs and services dedicated to supporting and improving lives in the community of Needles. Our recovery, DUI, employment, and life skills programs help our clients access their strengths and respond effectively to life’s challenges. In addition, our prevention program spearheads important changes in conditions that lead to harmful use of drugs and alcohol. All our programs help strengthen our community and empower those we serve.

Program Services Include

  • Needles Center for Change Recovery Center
  • Needles DUI Services
  • Needles Prevention Program
  • Needles Center for Change Environmental Prevention Program (EPP)
  • Workforce Investment Act – Steps to Success
  • Needles Deferred Entry of Judgment (PC100)
  • CalWORKs Life Skills
  • CalWORKs Youth Employment Program

More Information

To find out more information about Needles Center for Change, please call (760) 326-4590.

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